Bud Hut’s Picks for Funny Dog Videos to Watch When You’re High

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April 5, 2018
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There are plenty of great activities to do when you’re high. Hiking, cycling, and cooking are all great to try after a little bit of quality time with some recreational cannabis. But sometimes you may just want to chill and endlessly peruse YouTube videos searching for “what to watch when high.”

Well your friends at Bud Hut know that sometimes, even watching a movie or playing video games can be too much of a hassle when you’re high. Because seriously, following a plot, or worse, getting mercilessly mocked by online Call of Duty players can be a real buzz kill.

But have no fear! No matter what product — flower, pre-roll joints, weed edibles, shatter, wax — you choose from Bud Hut’s online menu, these videos will keep you entertained until you’re grounded enough to follow a rerun of Family Guy.

OK, we know what you’re thinking. And for the record, no, we don’t think Family Guy is tough to keep up with. But what can we say? Our Everett weed store sells some seriously good stuff.

So embrace your high and check out some of these hilarious dog videos we pulled from YouTube. If these don’t make you laugh, you probably need to smoke more weed. And of course, when you’re ready to restock your stash, you know which marijuana store to hit — Bud Hut in Everett.

What to Watch When High: Our Top Picks for Funny Dog Videos

Terrifying Pomeranian Crash

When this young fluff ball attempts to navigate a tiny two-step, it makes a crucial misjudgment — and that proves to be its undoing. Be warned: This is the craziest dog crash we’ve ever seen.

Fenton Goes Ballistic at the Park

Taking your dog to the park is great for your furry friend and great for you. But this clip proves that even the most wholesome situations can go wrong in the worst way. In England, this made the BBC. Fenton!

A Boxer That’s Seriously Ready to Go

How long has this Boxer been sitting in the car? Well, it really doesn’t matter, because it’s apparently been long enough. We love the look of steely determination on his face as he just lays on the horn.

Hope you enjoyed those clips! Come by and see the friendly budtenders at Bud Hut in Everett soon!

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