The Science Behind a “Weed DUI” is Still Sketchy

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April 5, 2018
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Most of us are familiar with our state’s DUI laws. But are you familiar with the laws for drug-impaired driving, specifically a weed DUI test? According to the Governors Highway Association, “…unlike the laws for alcohol-impaired driving, those that address drug-impaired driving are nuanced, difficult to enforce and prosecute, and vary substantially by state.” So please, please, please don’t smoke and drive!

From the Governors Highway Safety Association website:

In addition to general impairment laws, there are two basic laws that states tend to use when addressing drug-impaired driving:

Zero Tolerance laws make it illegal to drive with any measurable amount of specified drugs in the body. These laws are best suited for illegal drugs: if it is illegal to possess or use a drug, then it is reasonable to prohibit driving after the drug has been possessed and used. 16 states have zero tolerance laws in effect for one or more drugs.

Per Se laws make it illegal to drive with amounts of specified drugs in the body that exceed set limits. 6 states have per se laws in effect for one or more drugs.

Washington State has Per Se laws for THC, which means it is illegal to drive with amounts of THC in the body that exceed set limits. This is tricky though, because as anyone who’s been through drug testing knows – THC can be detected in the bloodstream long after your last toke. So determining whether you’re impaired by cannabis vs. having had used it in the last month can be tricky from a testing (and legal) perspective.

Visit the Governors Highway Safety Association website for more details about driving under the influence of cannabis.

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