The 4 Best Seattle Museums to Visit When High

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May 2, 2018
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Every stoner knows that any trip to a museum is incomplete without a smoke sesh right before. Weed makes everything better—colors become more vibrant, the mind is more creative, and the entire world seems alright with wonder and possibility.

Going to a museum is one of the best things to do when high, especially in a city chock-full of great options for tourists or locals. Here are a few of our favorite museums in Seattle for you to saunter on down to the next time you blaze one with some friends.

4 Seattle Museums to Visit When High

Museum of Flight

Seattle Museum of Flight
The Museum of Flight, just south of Seattle, houses a wide variety of early aircraft in a massive gallery that will throw your vision for a loop as you wander around underneath some of mankind’s greatest constructions.

If you’re someone interested in engineering or technology, the Museum of Flight will excite your mind as titanic examples from the history of aviation hang overhead as though they were never decommissioned.

The curious stoner will definitely appreciate examining these great beasts of modernity in the light of a healthy high. Don’t get too stoned, though—having a bad trip here could be scary!

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum
This world-renowned art museum houses classics of art from Rembrandt, Monet, Matisse and more which will delight the eye and scintillate the mind. The Seattle Art Museum holds collections from a wide variety of regions of the world and time periods, including Africa and the Ancient Americas, meaning there is something for any visitor to be interested in.

The Olympic Sculpture Park is attached to the museum, and you’ll definitely want to stop by this exquisite open-air sculpture gallery which is home to a few titans of sculpture including structures by Richard Serra and Alexander Calder. It’s hard to think of better things to do when high than visiting an art museum, especially one as beautiful and well-designed as the Seattle Art Museum.

Museum of Pop Culture

Located just steps away from the legendary Seattle Space Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture (also known as MoPOP) was founded in 2000 by the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen.

Upon your first arrival, MoPOP makes its mark in the mind, as the Frank Gehry-designed building resembles three gigantic, abstract, overflowing paint buckets lined up in a row—a visual treat that will excite any influenced state of consciousness.

Once inside, the museum takes you through a tour of contemporary pop culture, featuring exhibits on horror movies, music, and even video games, making for an experience of pure fun that demands hours of careful exploration.

You’ll want to come back for the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame housed within the building, which dignifies the greatest examples of science fiction from Star Wars to Lost in Space with a gallery dedicated to their lasting influence.

Henry Art Gallery

Founded in 1927, the Henry Art Gallery is one of Seattle’s oldest art museums. Here you’ll find all kinds of abstract and modern works of art from some of America’s greatest contemporary artists, including a permanent, open-air installation by conceptual artist James Turrell.

Altered states of mind will enjoy meandering through the maze of interesting works and exhibits, especially those who appreciate obscure, surrealist interpretations of the world.

This is an excellent place to take friends (or a date) after a kickback, and a great way to impress newcomers or visitors to Seattle with your high-class taste in museums.

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