Bud Hut’s Guide: 3 Things That Only Happen When You’re High

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April 5, 2018
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If you’re reading this, you probably like to get high. And nope, we can’t read minds. It’s just that the friendly budtenders at Bud Hut serve up the best weed and the choicest cannabis products in Everett — so we can spot a stoner. Because it takes one to know one, You know? We also know you experience different stages of being high, which we can relate to. So we thought we’d share 3 of those experiences with you.

While we love the euphoria that great recreational weed can provide, we’ll be the first to admit that there are some things that only happen when you’re high. Some of those things are good. Some of those things are neither here nor there. And some of those things? Some of those things are funny. And because we’re here to make you laugh — seriously, what pot shop wants to stress people out? — we decided to put together a list of three things that only happen when you’re high. Enjoy.

Eating All Your Munchies — While Trying to Figure Out If They’re Done

“I wonder if this is done? Maybe? Let’s try some from the middle? That’s a little cold, but will I burn the edges if it cooks longer? I don’t like it when the edges are burned…” These are the kind of thoughts that are a total green flag that you’re stoned. And they’ll leave you standing in front of a microwave with an empty bowl of mac and cheese every time. Life can be hard, dude.

Watching the Bachelor

More than anything else, The Bachelor is proof that way more Americans get stoned than actually admit they do. Because like a billion people watch — and dissect — this terrible trash every week, and you know that they’re all stoned. Because if you tried to watch it without weed, your eyes would fall right out of your head with contempt for what the human race has become.

If you find yourself watching the Bachelor? Wow, you are seriously stoned.

Being too Lazy to Reload — or Even Reach For — the Bong

Let’s just say if you’re too lazy to actually keep getting more stoned? You’re pretty stoned dude. It doesn’t happen that often, but if you find yourself questioning whether reaching to the coffee table to grab your piece is worth the time and effort? Damn, I mean, unless you’re super stoned, this one is just about as obvious as something can get. If you’ve tried The Force, you’re really far gone.

Of course, these are just the kind of small occurrences which make us remember why we love weed.

So when you find yourself asking where you can find some weed in Everett, make sure to swing through and see the friendly folks at Bud Hut in Everett.

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