Bud Hut’s Favorite Hot Sauces to Celebrate National Sauce Month

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April 5, 2018
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Feeling extra saucy lately? Maybe it’s because March is national sauce month! We were pretty sure that it’s national “Get sauced month” but no, we’ve double checked, and it’s just sauce. Who hasn’t craved spicy food while stoned? Well what better way to spice things up than with some of our all-time favorite hot sauce recommendations? Read on to become spicy sauce enlightened…

There are so many different styles and types of sauce it’d be no small task to try them all! National Sauce Month is a great excuse to step out of your sauce box and reach out and embrace some new sauce!

So join us as we pack a bowl of some of our favorite ganja from Bud Hut Everett and explore some of our favorite hot sauces!


We won’t lie, we keep a bottle of Tapatío with us when we travel. Face it, you just never know when a massive quesadilla craving is gonna stop you dead in your tracks. Even if you can’t get an authentic taco truck fix, everything is better with “una salsa muy salsa” on top!

A splash of Tapatío can even lend a bit of credibility to corporate food when you have no choice but to “Run for the border.” Ever wondered what “una salsa muy salsa” means, by the way? Cue drumroll… A very saucy sauce!

Also, you just learned something from a pot blog! You deserve a delicious cannabis cookie from Bud Hut Everett!

Spicy Mayo

Now on to spicy mayo, which sounds kind of weird. Our first experience with this dubious-sounding concoction was at a sushi restaurant in Portland. At a friend’s suggestion, we dipped our calamari in. And it was at first, staunchly rebuffed. However, sometimes you have to learn to trust, and we’re glad we did.

Since then, we’ve fully embraced this orange hued dipping sauce, using it most frequently at sushi restaurants, but also at home where we enjoy it on fries and burgers. It’s pretty simple to make with a little Sriracha and mayonnaise mixed in the proper proportions. So grab some simulating sativa strains from Bud Hut Everett before you mix up a batch to heighten your inspiration.

But if you’d rather leave it to the pros, spicy mayo is now regularly available on grocery store shelves.


Now, we were introduced to Sriracha the same time I we were introduced to pho. Since then, our Sriracha use has spilled into every meal of the day. It lends a great kick to sandwiches, it’s great on pizza, and we love it mixed with some ketchup for fries.

One of the greatest simple pleasures of our life though is scrambled eggs and hash browns with a few spicy red streaks across the whole sha-bang, served with a hot cup of black coffee and a bong load of our favorite weed, Blue Dream. Wake and bake supreme!

Just thinking about it makes us want head down to Bud Hut Everett to grab an ounce of Blue Dream!

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