What Are Seattle’s Top 5 Best Edibles?

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July 27, 2018
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Seattle’s best edibles, anyone? If you’re reading this, you’d probably agree that edibles are one of the best things to ever happen to cannabis. In the recent past, your edible options were usually limited to “baked” goods: brownies, cookies, or cupcakes. Today, when you walk into a dispensary, you are immediately faced with a wide assortment of available goodies, sometimes taking forms and flavors you never could have imagined finding at the supermarket. Dispensaries are frequently stocked with edible popcorn, cookie dough, pizzas, casseroles—you name it. Maybe the people who come up with these things are getting high off their own supply, but the typical cannabis consumer in recreational states has an incredible variety to choose from. If you can’t make up your mind, here are some of the best Seattle edibles you can find around town to give yourself a delightful edible evening.

The Goodship Fruit Jellies

Seattles Best Edibles Goodship fruit jellies

While this cannabis confectionery outlet is on the pricier side, The Goodship has a reputation for producing not only some of Seattle’s best edibles, the most potent edibles this side of the Columbia River. Their signature fruit jellies are jam-packed with enough THC to imbue you with a sizzling body high and packaged perfectly for taking them on the go. These premium Seattle edibles are not for the faint of heart, so exercise restraint when eating them, even if they are fruity and delicious.

American Baked Co. Tomato Basil Soup

Seattles best edibles Tomato Basil SoupSometimes you feel down during the day, and that’s okay. This tomato soup mix from American Baked Co. is here to lift you up, as it’s just potent enough to give the average stoner a warm, buzzy embrace. With 10mg THC, you can lunch worry-free of an all-consuming high, although I wouldn’t go operating heavy machinery. This one definitely makes the Top 5 of Seattle’s best edibles.

Bon-Bombs by Verdelux

These cannabis-infused bon-bombs are truly the bomb, as each mouth-melting bite will send your mind soaring into an explosive, imaginative state of being. They taste delicious, too, coming in a variety of flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, raspberry, and mint.


Seattles best edibles Zoots

Zoots are awesome, as you’ll learn quickly after making your first purchase of these peculiar little candy rocks. Think of the “Nerds” candy, but saturated with enough high-quality cannabis to lock you to the couch for hours. Each package is perfect for sharing with friends, and you’ll want to spread the fun around as these are powerful enough to give the whole party a mesmerizing spin. Zoots come in a plethora of exotic flavors, including lemongrass and mandarin lime—and are readily available at Bud Hut Everett’s dispensary location.

Olala Sodas
Seattle's Best Edibles

Sodas are a relatively recent innovation in the cannabis game, but boy are some companies doing them well. One example is Olala, who proclaims they infuse every soda with the fresh taste of “Aloha”—and anywhere from 10 to 100mg of THC. Its packaging is completely inconspicuous, so you can take this on the go without worrying about prying eyes. The best part? These sodas taste amazing, and Olala is renowned for making products that are not only potent, but that retain a proper flavor and consistency compared to shoddier edible products. Next time you’re heading to your local Bud Hut in Everett, you might want to call first and ask if they have these in stock.

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