3 Great Places to Drink on San Juan Island

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April 5, 2018
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No trip to the San Juan Islands is complete without sampling Washington’s most famous recreational offerings: craft beer, Northwestern cuisine, wine, and fine cannabis. Where to buy recreational weed in the San Juan Islands? That’s easy. Just swing by Bud Hut in Friday Harbor to check out our selection of the latest cannabis strains, as well as vape supplies, weed edibles, cannabis beverages, THC and CBD topical lotions, and cannabis wax and shatter. Now that you’ve got that out of the way, here’s our recommendations for fine drinking establishments where you can check out the local brews, booze, and seafood.

Cask & Schooner Public House

In true  Northwestern fashion, this classic public house highlights a local and seasonal menu and a  selection of Northwestern beer and wine, including Pelican Bay Tsunami Stout, Nelms Road Cabernet, and San Juan Island’s own SVJ Red Blend. No visit is complete without sampling the Salish Sea Manila Clams.

San Juan Island Brewing

If you really want to get your local brew on, head over to San Juan Island Brewing to sample an excellent selection of craft beer. This is a local, independent brewery dedicated to brewing with the finest local ingredients, and you can taste the difference. Their Aftergrow Ale has a light body and a crisp finish that pairs well with the buzz of San Juan Island’s best recreational weed. We also enjoyed the Outer Island IPA (hop-heavy with a dry finish) and the Lane 4 Vienna Lager.

Herb’s Tavern

In the mood for something old school? This homey wood-paneled  bar and grill is a favorite with locals and offers a tasty menu of pub standards like fish and chips, tasty burgers, and chicken fired steak. The oldest tavern in town also offers live music, liquor, pool tables, and a decent selection of beer, including a few local brews.

To make things nice and easy, all of these establishments are located withing strolling distance of your favorite Friday Harbor pot shop!

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