Funny Cat Videos to Watch When High

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April 5, 2018
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We know you are searching for funny videos to watch while high, so we had our in-house “YouTube expert” compile a selection of fine cat videos for your viewing pleasure. Customer service, alive and well here in the recreational marijuana sector!

Before we get into the serious hi-jinx, let’s start with some light entertainment. If you’re a cat lover (and we assume you are because you’re reading this), there may be few things cuter or more soothing than this relaxing video of a kitten being fed with chopsticks:

For the more intellectual cat video aficionado (did I really just write that?), there’s always Henri, the existential cat:

It gets even better:


And if this is all starting to make you feel like you need to cleanse your palate, Saturday Night Live is here for you:

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