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April 5, 2018
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Here at Washington’s best pot shops, we consider our client’s adventurous souls. But even the most adventurous soul can fall into a rut. Especially when it comes to leisure activities. Comfort food… comfort bud…

So to keep things fresh and better and to introduce you to our full range of cannabis flowers, edibles, topicals, and concentrates, we offer daily specials.

So take a look at our menus! Each Bud Hut location will offer unique specials, but you can count on the following daily themes for all locations.

Bud Hut’s Daily Specials

Munchie Monday

Banish the workweek blues by sampling a delectable new cannabis edible, be it cookie, candy, brownie, or beverage.

Phat Tuesday

Bud Hut hooks up sweet deals on a range of products from this customer favorite.

Paraphernalia Pick Weds

Every proper stoner needs the right piece or stash box and we’re here to hook you up! Swing by your favorite pot shop to check out our awesome selection of pipes and pens.

Top Shelf Products Thursday

Get great deals on one of our favorite cannabis brands!

Budtender’s Choice Friday

Here at Washington’s best pot shops, we only hire true professionals. You can count on our budtenders to be in the know. Swing by on Friday to sample their latest cutting-edge favorites.

Wildcard Saturday

Hey, we said we’d keep things exciting…Saturday’s picks are all over the map, but you can count on one thing–only the very finest recreational weed!

Strain Sunday

Sunday will feature a special strain, from old school favorites like OG Kush to the latest sensations from the world’s top farmers.

Not in the Seattle/Everett area? Bud Hut sells fine recreational weed at our pot shops in Camano Island, Mount Vernon, Friday Harbor, Lyle, Maple Valley, Pullman, Vancouver, Kelso, and Snohomish.

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