3 Tips on How to Get a Budtender Job

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April 5, 2018
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If you are thinking about pursuing a job with us here at Bud Hut, you might want to freshen up your resume and brush your hair.  Retail marijuana stores receive piles of resumes everyday, so how are you going to make yours stand out from everyone else? Here is a budtender study guide with tips on how to get a budtender job that will help get your foot into the door of the most exciting industry the world has ever seen.

3 Tips to Land a Budtender Job

1. A Resume with a Background in the Service Industry

While having experience in the cannabis industry may help your chances of getting hired, it isn’t required.  Many times employers are looking for resumes that have customer service backgrounds.

Being able to count change quickly and communicate properly with the customer so that you can help them find the item that they are looking for, is essential to creating satisfied customers and keeping the line moving along inside the store.

2. Know Your Dope

You need to know your weed strains, otherwise you might have some angry return customers if you recommend the wrong type of pot to someone.  The number one selling strain in Washington State is currently Blue Dream.  What does that mean for you? Well, you should be able to describe the effects and flavor of this strain to anyone without hesitation.  Selling weed is like selling anything else, the more you know about what you’re selling, the easier it will be to sell.

3. Dress to Impress

Selling weed doesn’t require that you wear a tuxedo to work everyday. But, for the 30 minutes that you are sitting down for your interview, the least you can do is change into something half decent and show up on time.  Even though you are budtending, it doesn’t hurt to put on a nice outfit to show the interviewer that you can take care of yourself.

Being the best budtender means providing the best service to customers. If you think budtending is just about slinging bags of weed over the counter, you are going to be in for a big surprise. A great way to freshen up on your strain knowledge is by taking a scroll through our online menu and checking out all the different products that we carry.

Get that resume tidied up and send it in today, because we would love to be working with the best the industry has to offer.

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