The 3 Best Strains to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

It’s a relatively common belief that cannabis can endanger your motivation and dampen productivity. While the effects of cannabis vary from person to person, these fears are generally unfounded. With the right strain, toking can actually uplift your mind and contribute to enhanced abilities and imaginative energy. Here are three of the best strains for creativity you can find at you local Bud Hut dispensary in Snohomish today.

Best Strains for Enhancing Creativity

Jack Herer

Named after one of the greatest ever pot advocates, Jack Herer is a particularly famous sativa flower that is known for its mind-bending high. This is one of the best strains for creativity out there and great to smoke before digging into an art project or any other innovative endeavor. You’ll want to share some of this strain with friends, too, as Jack Herer is great for kickbacks and social gatherings of all sizes. Just be careful if you live somewhere with strict rules about smoking—this strain is known to be especially aromatic, and its thick earthy, fruity scent will linger for a while.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a favorite sativa of many in-the-know cannabis users for a reason. This strain is a smooth, tasty smoke and burns easily, making it perfect for passing around with friends. However, if you’re simply looking for a pick-me-up when you’re hanging out by yourself, you’re in luck, as Blue Dream provides an excellent complement to a variety of mindful activities. Whether you want to do some significantly thought-provoking late-night reading or simply want to appreciate the beauty of nature through new eyes, Blue Dream has you covered.

Durban Poison

The South African city of Durban is known for its innovative cannabis industry which has produced some of the world’s most intriguing, potent strains. Chief among them is Durban Poison, which was developed in the 1990s and quickly filtered out into the world as an example of a strong, clear-headed sativa which elucidates the consciousness and produces a heightened state of mind. Creative-types have long enjoyed Durban Poison for the state of mental vibrancy they experience soon after taking a toke of this sweet strain, making this a perfect smoke for long, draining projects or sudden bursts of inspiration. Most dispensaries should be packing this bud, so don’t hesitate to take a dip into Durban sometime soon.

To find these strains and more, head over to Bud Hut-Sonomish’s menu, which is packed with goodies to get your mind moving.

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