Netflix and Chill with Cannabis

Ah, binge-watching: the perennial stoner activity. There’s always time for binge-watching — even when there really isn’t — since Netflix’s expansive catalog offers enough options to last a lifetime of sitting on the couch. There isn’t enough time in the day to get to all of them, though, so we narrowed down the list to a couple of series you’ll love- and some excellent strains to go with them.


Disenchantment, one of the best Netflix series 2018 has to offer comes from the mind of Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, two of television’s seminal animated works) and is an ambitious project for Netflix. Beyond the smash success Bojack Horseman, Netflix hasn’t really dipped its toes into animated territory that much, but Disenchantment aims to set the bar high as a widely anticipated comedy in the mold of Fox’s dominant cartoon lineup.

The first season has gotten good reviews from entertainment publications across the internet and promises to be a rollicking adventure for years to come. Unlike some other animated comedies, Disenchantment actually wants to give its viewers a cohesive plot, and while some episodes may derail into side-adventures that are just as entertaining, there is a continuous storyline and each episode reveals new insights into the characters’ thoughts and lives.

We recommend: Lemon OG is a great strain for relaxing and enjoying comedies, as the powerful, limerent high it activates elevates any experience into a hilarious extravaganza of the mind. You might find yourself laughing harder than ever before or experiencing thoughts and sensations that give extra pep to any activity.

Stranger Things

This 80s-inspired sci-fi series is a callback to classic adventure films like E.T. and The Goonies. As one of Netflix’s most popular original series, this Emmy-nominated thrill ride and surreal suburban mystery seems almost hand-tailored to a quiet night alone with a bowl. It’s no wonder this show is recommended on almost every stoner entertainment website on the internet. Its high-concept science fiction plot is guaranteed to intrigue any high-minded individual.

In the past two years, the show has become a cultural phenomenon. It’s the first example of an original series that invokes nostalgia while creating a distinct property, as opposed to rehashing old material in the form of endless reboots. While everyone appreciates reboots like Jurassic World, many similar attempts fail, which makes this completely unique story so refreshing.

We recommend: Northern Lights is the ideal strain for enjoying a show like this, as the famous indica will induce a relaxing body high that will keep you bound to the couch while your mind is alight and engaged. As one of the pre-eminent, before-bedtime strains, Northern Lights might put you out after one or two episodes, so pair with a hot coffee if you’re dedicated to binge-watching.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based on the best-selling series of books by Lemony Snicket, this seemingly child-oriented drama about the fate of three orphaned children is actually one of the best Netflix series produced thus far. The real standout feature here is the performance from Neil Patrick Harris, who makes a case for his ability to play the villain in his sinister depiction of the wretched Count Olaf.

When accompanied by a rip on the bong, every strange and mysterious aspect of A Series of Unfortunate Events becomes heightened, including the emotional impact of the characters’ performances. Each character is unique in their mannerisms, style and even environment as the children shift from one beautifully designed set piece to the other on a journey to uncover the secrets of their family heritage.

We recommend: Blackberry Headband is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces a bubbly, expansive euphoria that captivates the mind. For a show like A Series of Unfortunate Events, a strain that will heighten perception and induce creative thinking is ideal as each twist and turn of the plot will engage your intelligence and draw you deeper into its comprehensive world.

Can’t wait to Netflix and chill with these strains? You can find all the bud featured here and more by clicking here to browse our menu. And let us know which shows you consider to be the best Netflix series of 2018!

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